When you connect to your server through the sshreach.me tunnel all you see is forwarding server address and a port like in this example.

ssh -p port_number my_name@fwN.sshreach.me

You might be wondering if this address really leads to your server. You wouldn't like to send your password to some unknown server. Before the connection is established you will be sent an ssh signature key like in this example:

The authenticity of host '[fw1.sshreach.me]:10012 ([]:10012)' can't be established.

RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:Gp7S+U3v9OfkkNkW8aONO4nVGyrFWa7sQEtl8kZas94.

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

This is the signature of the server you are connecting to. You should continue connecting only if you recognize the signature.

No, it can not. When you make a connection to your server (which is identified by an ssh signature explained in previous question) and are asked for a password an encrypted tunnel has already been made and your password is not visible to anyone.

There are various ways to do it depending on your distribution. If you have crontab enabled on your machine the easiest way is to add the following line to your crontab:

@reboot python /path/to/sshreachme/sshreachme.py /path/to/id_rsa

After your three-month trial period has expired you can purchase a one client subscription for 1€ monthly (billed annualy). This way you can continue to use the same client you have been using for previous three months. Purchasing this subscription will also help us in maintaining the servers.

However, we are aware that in some parts of the world even this amount is significant. Furthermore, there are also parts of the world where it is not possible to pay online using credit card.

In these cases we have made an option to move your existing client from your expired account to another one. After your account has expired you will have an option to transfer your client to another account. If you want to use this option after your trial account has expired, go to Account/Subscription details and then click the 'Transfer client to another account' button.

Clicking this button will invoke a prompt - it will ask for an account email where you want to transfer your client to. You can only transfer your client from your expired account to another trial account. After clicking 'OK' you can log in to account you've have transfered your client to and confirm the transfer after which your old account will be deleted.