Accessing your IoT devices using

The Problem:

Your company produces IoT devices and you have to occasionally access them to perform some automated tasks like upgrading or maintaining the system. Since these devices are usually behind the firewall they are difficult to reach.

Our Solution:

Our dedicated server plan offers an automated solution to create client for each of your devices and our API allows you to script and automate your maintenance tasks for your devices.

How does it work?

  1. Get your api key from your key management page
  2. prepare your IoT device OS image to call create_new_client and get_client_script on first boot, then setup the received script to start on every boot.
  3. You can download a list of all clients by clicking on Download client info button on your client list page. You will receive a json-formatted list of all your clients that you can put in your database.
  4. When the time comes to do some maintenance on your devices you can loop through all your clients and call connect api function, do the maintenance and then disconnect