API calls to automatically create,download and delete clients

For large-scale client creation and deployment there are two API calls:

  1. create_new_client
  2. get_client_script

The purpose of these functions is to create a new client and to download its script via API. They can be used in IoT devices; for instance, after the first boot in the factory, the device can call the create_new_client and create its client and then download the script and install it on the device. This way the client will be automatically installed and ready and the device can be accessed if necessary.

You can access the api calls templates and the api key on your key management page


  • api_key - your api key
  • region - region to which you want your client to connect to.
  • type - [serial|random] - (default: serial) serial creates a 6-digit numbered client name starting from 000001 with prefix (if submitted), while random creates a 20-character random string client name
  • prefix - (default: none) prefix for serial type of client names. With this parameter you can have multiple classes of serial numbers and you can distinguish your IoT devices
  • name - in case you have a predefined names for your clients, you can send the name of the client
  • fwport - (default: 22) - port to forward
  • username - (default: none) a username that will be used to connect to your client

On success create_new_client returns the following json

{"message": "OK", "error_code": 0, "success": true, "client_name":"cli000123", client_id: "dfb39cdd-9140-4d74-9e26-a2f00bc3bad2"}

You can then use the client_id to get the client script for the newly created client

error codes

    00 - ok
    21 - invalid API call
    23 - Client blocked
    24 - Client inactive
    31 - Wrong data
    32 - Invalid API key or API key missing
    40 - Cannot access forwarding server
    41 - Invalid region key
    45 - Internal error


This function returns the client script for the client whose ID is sent in the client_id parameter.

  • api_key - your api key
  • client_id - client_id of the client whose script we want to download


this function lists all created client and returns their details in a json list of dictionaries which contain the client data:

[{"host_name": "12345", "host_id": "f2saddsc-8123-23s1-2321-9sadfdc43aba52", "client_id": "f2saddsc-8123-23s1-2321-9sadfdc43aba52", "tunnel_open": false, "client_active": false, "forwarding_server": "", "username": "asdf", "port": 3243, "user_id": 0, "ports_id": 1, "dbid": "234s234dg34568dfgIUag4", "last_ping_time": "2023-06-19T18:05:17Z"}]
  • api_key - your api key


This function deletes the client script

The api call template and the api key for this function can also be found on the key management page

  • api_key - your api key
  • client_id - client_id of the client that we want to delete (you can find the CLIENT_ID in the python script under the name HOST_UUID or as a result of device_list API call).