Getting started

Sending your public key

Before you can create any clients, you need to send your public ssh key to our forwarding server. That public key will be used to encrypt the tunnels.

How to create an ssh key-pair

If you are using Mac or Linux:

  1. Open your terminal window.
  2. Type the following: “ssh-keygen -t ed25519”.
  3. You will be asked where to save the key pair.
  4. You will be asked to enter the passphrase or to press Enter for no passphrase (just press Enter here, we need keys without the pass-phrase).

And that's it, your key pair has just been generated. You will need to put your private key on your servers and you need to upload your public key (with a .pub extension) to us.

If you are using Windows:

Instructions on how to create ssh keypair on Windows using putty can be found here.

We can also create a key-pair for you

If you are still unable to create an ssh key-pair, we can create it for you. All you have to do is click on the Generate public/private key pairs button and you will receive your private key. Then, you can copy that key and save it somewhere safe.